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...someone who will help bring calmness, peace,

and clarity to your business

Giving You The Freedom To:

Stay Laser-Focused in Your Genius Zone

Devise New Projects

Make Big Decisions

Think of Creative New Ways to Grow Your Business


''Testimonials describe what has been, and are a promise of what is to come.''  (Ron Kaufman)

''Maryann is an exemplary virtual assistant who has worked on several projects for me. She is responsive, asks great questions and her work is of excellent quality. Maryann is a joy to work with and I look forward to many more projects with her in future

Garland Coulson

Captain Time

Author of Amazon Best Seller "Stop Wasting Time"

''This brave woman thrived under pressure very few experience - all at double speed.  Quite honestly, she is so good at whatever she does that if I had a business, I would hire her first.  I am confident she will be an asset to your business from the first day she is employed by you.

Terry David Mulligan

Host / Producer 

Much Music Canada




''We have valued not only Maryann’s work but her willingness to provide ideas and input. She is always quick to notice and address issues that come up and will often have solutions to the problems. Roman was a stubborn man and had clear ideas on how he wanted things done but Maryann was able to present opposing views and often change his mind. If you knew him you would know this was no small feat and it speaks powerfully to her ability to communicate her ideas and as well to her insight and dedication to the business.''

Nicole Tulis & Roman Tulis Jr.

Roman Tulis Soccer School

''Maryann began her time (with us) as a Fundraising Assistant but due to the sudden departure of the event coordinator (for health reasons), she found herself in charge of the whole gala fundraising event.  The evening was a huge success, due in no small part to Maryann's efforts.'' 

Bill Millerd

Artistic and Managing Director

The Arts Club Theatre Company

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